Therapeutic Massages

Back Massage

The continued presence of stress, and the influence of the constantly returning emotional, financial problems and anxieties are reflected in rigidity or cramps in the back, shoulders, neck and shoulder muscles. It is a personal task and challenge for everybody to stop the reason for the stress, but a back massage can help to solve it by making the cramped muscles and the muscle tone relax.

30/60 minutes

10900/14900 HUF

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Posture Improving Massage

Aromatherapy massage from feet to back and shoulder area with slow relaxing and stretching movements.

60 minutes

15900 HUF

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Full Body Massage

Swedish oil massage, consisting of powerful, dynamic, congestion-enhancing/ intensifying, complex, rapid movements. It is recommended to relax the muscles, relieve cramps and for those who love massages with powerful strokes.

60/90 minutes

14900/18900 HUF

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Medical Massage

It is performed with a healing purpose, and serves as a supplement for physiotherapeutic treatments or remedial gymnastics. If you wish, we provide a complementary massage for the problematic part of the body (knee, pectoral girdle, neck, back, spine) or for the whole body. The moves are similar to those of Swedish massage. We recommend it to treat muscular pain, contractures, joint and rheumatic problems, to detoxify and to strengthen the immune system.

30/45/60 minutes

10900/13900/15900 HUF

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Hot Pillow Massage

The massage is done using herbal extract cream for the painful, aching body parts, and warmed up, flax seed filled pillows are then placed over them. The treatment is recommended for joints, rheumatic complaints and muscular pains.

45/60/90 minutes

13900/15900/19900 HUF

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Mother-to-Be & New Mom Massage

We provide an opportunity for the mother-to-be with this treatment, so that the nine months are not a burden, but to let her experience be one of happiness. The body reaches perfect relaxation; in the course of the massage the soul calms down and the mind frees itself of daily stress. The elasticity of the skin increases as a result of the treatment, swelling is reduced and painful bundles of muscles are loosened. We prepare her body and soul, with care and affection, for one of the most beautiful episodes of her life.

45/60 minutes

13900/15900 HUF

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Lymph Massage

It is a special massage, which stimulates the process of lymphatic circulation. Regular application eliminates tissue lymph stagnation, activates the immune system, encourages detoxification and helps the body's cells and tissue to regenerate.

30/60/75 minutes

10900/15900/17900 HUF

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Revitalizing Massage

This uses stronger moves. At the beginning, it is complemented with a deep vacuum massage, which is added to the affected muscle to loosen it. Subsequently, after finding the painful muscle knots, we release them using intensive and thorough massage movements. At the end of treatment, we use special techniques to leave your muscles stretched and relaxed.

60/90 minutes

15900/19900 HUF

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Sports Massage

With the help of this massage, toned muscles become relaxed and muscle strain and stress will cease after sports or strenuous physical exercise. Sports massage assists fast and active regeneration using articular relaxation and stretching. It is an intensive, strong treatment that has an effect on deep tissue.

45/60 minutes

13900/15900 HUF

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