Gerard's Facial Treatments

Besides pampering your body do not forget to pay attention to the beauty of your face, as well!

Treat yourself with one of our facial treatments. Soy offers you immediate, visible, firming results; the exotic Kerala treatment gentles and nourishes your skin; the Tiaré flower extract treatment gives you long-lasting hydration, and the black and white caviar mask refills your skin with vitamins.


SoySoy face treatment is specific for tissues needing to restore compactness, tone, elasticity and support. Rice and Soy are allied against ageing. The Isoflavones contained in Soy and the Hyaluronic Acid stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers, strengthening the skin’s deep tissue.
The result is spectacular from the very first application, with a substantial and visible restoration of compactness, elasticity and muscle tone.

60 minutes

15900 HUF

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This very particular ayurvedic treatment helps ease the contractions of the face due to stress and incorrect positions. The re-activation of the energy points creates deep oxigenation of the skin with a detoxifying and stimulating effect. The muscles of the face and neck de-contract, the skin relaxes and becomes bright and firm. The formula which is used is a mixture of Acorus Calamus, Sandal Tree and Coconut Butter.

45 minutes

13900 HUF

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Monoi di Tiaré

Tiaré is a white, star shaped flower, symbol of Tahiti, cultivated in French Polynesia This precious vegetable oil is the result of a saturation of the Tiaré flowers, obtained through an ancient and exclusive “enfleurage” process in coconut pulp. Monoi of Tiaré is perfectly tolerated by all skin types and it has a progressive, increasing and long-lasting moisturising effect, it protects against aggressions from the external ambient, including sunrays. perfect also as pre- and aftersun and anti-UV product and in general as an anti-ageing and anti-oxidating product, thanks to its high contents of Vitamin E.

45 minutes

11900 HUF

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Luxury Line, the extreme luxury for the face. The great protagonist of this line is the precious Caviar extract originated from selected breeding and rich in noble proteins, amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, all powerful factors of vitality and regeneration. The pure and concentrated energy is transmitted to cells with excellent results, the skin is re-born and relaxed again and it turns into a new, radiant, sublime beauty.

45 minutes

19900 HUF

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Gerard's Facial Treatments

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