Exotic Massages and Rituals

Take a journey with us to the magical East, to ancient cultures and exotic tropical lands! Feel how your body, soul and mind are filled with vital force through ancient Indian ayurvedic treatments. Discover the sensual smoothness of chocolate, soy and honey. Enjoy the rustling of the bamboo grove, the warm touch of Eastern oils, the vitalizing force of spicy fruits, and submerge yourself in the velvety fizz of the Turkish baths. Let yourself be embraced by the ancient secret, the sensuality of tropical islands, and relive the excitement of the unknown.

Melting Gold of Olympus

Oloil’s origin dates back to the ancient and wise remedies of the Mediterranean civilisations. Olive Oil has always been considered a gift of the Gods the sparkling green Oil that nourishes, moisturizes and radiates your face and body.

The entire body’s skin responds and reflects this extraordinary holistic massage, resulting in an overwhelming feeling of clean, pure and tightened skin, a great vitality not to be missed. Combined with quality essential oils, Oloil is a combatant against ageing, cellulite and under toned skin.

60 minutes

15900 HUF

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Honey Smile

A precious synergy of extraordinarily efficient active ingredients to restore compactness and elasticity in the tissues. Golden honey drops on our body, learned hands that transform them into a precious natural, detoxifiying treatment. It’s Magic Honey, an incredibly sweet and intense treatment that renews and nourishes the skin deep down, leaving it smooth, compact and irresistibly silky to the touch.

60 minutes

18900 HUF

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Indian Tribes’ Lava Stone Secret

Experience one of the body treatments from the Native Americans’ ancient culture. The ritual starts with spiritual cleansing with the help of a fragrant bunch of sage. This is followed by placing lava stones, powered by the invigorating water of rivers, on your body. The smooth, lengthwise, rocking massage, using sweet almond oil, calms your body and soul.

60 minutes

16900 HUF

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Maya God’s Beverage

This massage is the most endorphinic, sensorial massage: a "full immersion" of physical and mental well-being. It is extremely anti-stress and promotes good mood. With more than 800 molecules, the chocolate has a softening, nourishing, moisturising, protective and anti-ageing effect on the skin.

Everybody wants to escape from the daily stress and be pampered by warm melted pure chocolate by Quetzalcoatl’s 100 % chocolate!

70 minutes

19900 HUF

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The Fire of Persia

Pepper: exotic and magic king of spices since ancient times; synonym of luxury and richness. Its precious grains hold an essential oil that has an intense, exhilarating, warm and sensual fragrance with well-known aromatherapeutic, thermogenic and stimulating properties for the cell’s metabolism. Pepper essential oil, White Mud and Mother Water from the Dead Sea are combined and strengthened by precise manual movements of articular unblock and by the massage, to allow exceptional and rapid results onto any type of cellulite.

110 minutes

24900 HUF

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