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Fitt Infó

At Magnolia Day Spa you have the special chance to experience the perfect relaxation due to brand new Calma Radar system.

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Mix magazine

Magnolia Day Spa is a magical land in Zoltán street, close to the river Danube. When someone enters the spa the fragrant of magnolia flower already promises a lot…”

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Jet Set magazine

Magnolia Day Spa opened its gates on Zoltán street at the beginning of 2011. As the spa crew says “the entering guests are invited to an all-sense awakening journey!”

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Mai Belváros

“With the services of Magnolia Day Spa the owner offers a complete recreation for body and soul.”

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My Christmas present invited me to Magnolia Day Spa. Though the term “day spa” did not mean much to me, the pictures of the place convinced me that something good was going to happen to me soon. So I immersed in studying the treatments, sounding really mysterious.

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When standing in front of the mirror in the mornings, pondering about the question: if Katy Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow do not have any cellulite problems, then why do I have? To tell the truth…it would be more than fantastic if in these mornings someone would whisper in my ears: “… there is something good in all evil! Just do not give up!”

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Rebirth with Magnolia! Exclusive and therapeutic massages, pampering facial care, refreshing peelings, cozy tea house, jacuzzi and sauna world! Do not miss our special offers either!



Magnolia Day Spa
H-1054 Budapest,
Zoltán utca 3.

[phone] +36 1 269 0610

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday 09:00-21:00
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