Magnolia Day Spa Pass

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Magnolia Pass Validity

An officially signed Magnolia Pass is valid for 2 months from date of purchase.
A Pass is not transferable.

Available treatments for a Magnolia Pass:

   Fragrances of Our World – Aromatic Massage
   Full Body Massage
   Back Massage
   Posture Improving Massage
   Medical Massage
   Hot Pillow Massage
   Mother-to-Be & New Mom Massage
   Lymph Massage
   Revitalizing Massage
   Sports Massage
   Express treatments

Body Peelings
   Ayurvedic Peeling
   Coconut Peeling
   White Pepper Oil Peeling
   Dead Sea Peeling
   Exotic Peeling

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Rebirth with Magnolia! Exclusive and therapeutic massages, pampering facial care, refreshing peelings, cozy tea house, jacuzzi and sauna world! Do not miss our special offers either!



Magnolia Day Spa
H-1054 Budapest,
Zoltán utca 3.

[phone] +36 1 269 0610

Opening hours:
Monday-Sunday 09:00-21:00
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