ROMANTIC FEBRUARY
                 Romantic Spa offers for Your Valentine for the entire month of February 2017!

        Surprise your loved one – a sweetheart, a parent, a sibling or a special friend -
        with an amazing spa experience of health and relaxation at Magnolia Day Spa
             Celebrate your love with us - what a wonderful way to say I love you!


                                           „I want you to get swept away out there. I want you to levitate.
                                           I want you to sing with rapture and dance like a dervish.
                                           Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without.”

Rebirth of Venus
Skin renewal facial treatment from Sothys. Medical inspiration and beautician expertise for a renewed skin! With this deep cleansing and 100% manual care which respects the balance of the face your complexion will be boosted, renewed and completely oxygenated. The perfect treatment for real urban dwellers!
Duration: 60 minutes
Special Price: 13 900 HUF

Hydra 3Ha Intensive Care
Immerse in an intense moisture experience with Sothys triple hyaluronic acid hydrating treatment. A face care specially designed to meet all skin hydration needs, with special six-phase protocol, exclusive Digi-Esthétique modelling techniques and the latest generation of active ingredients. Results in a single treatment: up to 71% more hydratation!
Duration: 75 minutes
Special Price: 18 000 HUF

Romantic Getaways
Take a journey to anywhere with sour-sweet fragrances and a delicately exhilarating aromatic massage! Sweet orange, jasmine, lemon, mint, lavender, ylang-ylang … just a drop of the essence of your favorite fragrance into the warm, smooth oil, and you will find yourself in an exotic land. A pampering treatment to balance, harmonize body, mind and spirit.
Duration: 60 minutes
Special Price: 13 900 HUF

Sweet Magnolia
Pampering massage with the nourishing ingredients of the magnolia flower’s extract, special oils, beeswax and shea butter. The fantastic fragrance of magnolia helps to light on inner harmony. Intensively regenerating, refreshing and moisturizing effect. Enchanting!
Duration: 60 minutes
Special Price: 14 900 HUF

Flame of Love
Unforgettable, embracing massage with a ritual massage candle. The candle’s flames melt the splendid and selected substances which, through the massage, have nourishing, toning and intensely hydrating effects on the skin. Magic of the senses in the candle-lit, an aroma therapy massage with heady fragrance which enchants the body and soul.
Duration: 60 minutes
Special Price: 15 900 HUF

My Dear Juliet
This exclusive facial massage with cacao butter has a perfect softening, nourishing and protective effect. Then we pamper Juliet with an extremely calming, moisturizing and enchanting jasmine vanilla-scented body massage.
Duration: 75 minutes
Special Price: 20 900 HUF

Red Rose Petals
Harmonising treatment package with fascinating scented rose oil, which has soothing, relaxing and firming effect on the skin. The regenerating peeling of rose oil and brown sugar is followed by a nourishing rose oil massage. Refreshing experience to body and soul.
Duration: 90 minutes
Special Price: 24 900 HUF

Prince of My Dreams
Special energizing treatment package for your Valentine. Purifying, smoothing and strengthening body scrub with bamboo micro-granules rich in minerals. The special massage combines the aromatherapy with reflexology technique to give a precious relaxing and energetic effect, leaving an intensive feeling of calmness and vitality.
Duration: 90 minutes
Special Price: 24 900 HUF

Romeo and Juliet
We pamper Juliet with a special facial treatment using Tiare flower extract having a progressive, increasing and long-lasting moisturising and anti-oxidant effect. Meanwhile we revitalize Romeo with a refreshing back and shoulders massage. Romance, candlelight.
Duration: 45 minutes
Special Price: 22 900 HUF/2 persons

The Magic of Love
Offer your sweetheart the joy of a special couples' massage. A gentle, caressing massage of fine aromas for Her and a dynamic, powerful massage for Him in our cozy, candle-lighted couple massage room.
Duration: 60 minutes
Special Price: 26 900 HUF/2 persons

Everlasting Love
Luxury Ritual for Couples with Relaxing and Hydrating Magnolia Essences

A romantic escape with glimmering candlelight and festive oils, the perfect gift of peace, pampering and relaxation for yourself and someone you love:
    • 20 minute relaxing, regenerating and moisturizing bath with essences of magnolia
    • 60 minute pampering body massage with magnolia essences, special oils and beeswax,
       which regenerates, refreshes and soothes the whole body, mind and soul
    • 30 minute facial massage for the ladies and 30 minute foot massage for the gentlemen
       with hydrating sweet almond oil
    • A glass of high-quality wine or champagne
Duration: 110 minutes
Special Price: 54 900 HUF/2 persons

On 14th February, we surprise our guests choosing our Valentine’s Day specials with a taste of delicious chocolate and a glass of champagne.

Our kind guests may surprise their beloved ones with personalized and decorated gift vouchers with Valentine offers.

                                                  BEAUTIFUL, WELL-KEPT HANDS AND FEET

Classic Manicure and Pedicure

The classic nail service includes soaking, cuticle maintenance, nail shaping and filing, nail buffing.
Classic Manicure (30’) : 6 600 HUF  (Original Price: 8 000 HUF)
Classic Pedicure(40’) : 6 900 HUF  (Original Price: 8 000 HUF)
Classic Duo (70’) : 12 800 HUF
Nail Lacquer (15’) : 1 200 HUF  (Original Price: 1 500 HUF)

Japanese Manicure and Pedicure

The classic nail service is extended with natural beeswax nail care.
Japanese Manicure (40’) : 7 600 HUF  (Original Price: 9 500 HUF)
Japanese Pedicure (50’) : 7 900 HUF  (Original Price: 9 500 HUF)
Japanese Duo (90’) : 15 200 HUF

SPARITUAL Aura Balance Hand and Foot Ritual

This aroma therapeutic journey balances the body’s full Chakra system. You choose your intent... Relax, Uplift, Inspire. Micro Algae and mineral salt infused with Wildcrafted Indonesian Ginger will gently slough away dry skin. The aroma therapeutic properties of ginger are deepened with a full healing hand massage using a hydrating therapy blend of Ginger and Chinese Jasmine essential oils, Aloe, Shea butter, Sesame oil, Olive oil, Avocado and vitamins A & E. .

Jessica Alba, Ashley Olsen, Fergie … and You?
Follow the SpaRitual philosophy you too! They have already discovered the SpaRitual Aura Balance aroma therapeutic manicure and pedicure treaments!
Aura Balance Hand Ritual (70’) : 10 900 HUF (Original Price: 12 500 HUF)
Aura Balance Foot Ritual (70’) : 11 900 HUF  (Original Price: 13 500 HUF)
Aura Balance Duo Ritual(120’) : 20 900 HUF  (Original Price: 24 000 HUF)

VIP Special – Get a Classic Manicure, Pedicure or Nail Lacquer for Half Price as an Additional Treatment
Our VIP Guests may choose a Classical manicure or pedicure for 4 000 HUF/treatment or Nail Lacquer for 750 HUF as an additional treatment if they get a minimum 60 minutes massage or facial treatment on list price. This special discount is not valid when purchasing Vouchers.

For guests taking services for the price of 8 500 HUF/person or less, the price of the usage of our Bath&Sauna World and Teahouse is 2 000 HUF/person. For guests taking services for the price more than 8 500 HUF/person, visiting the Bath&Sauna World and the unrestricted consumption of tea, fruits and cookies in the relaxing areas are free of charge.

Our special offers are valid until 28th February 2017 and cannot be used in combination with other Magnolia Day Spa discounts.

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Rebirth with Magnolia! Exclusive and therapeutic massages, pampering facial care, refreshing peelings, cozy tea house, jacuzzi and sauna world! Do not miss our special offers either!



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