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You can support your colleagues’ health with Spa vouchers, Holiday vouchers and Health Insurance fund contributions. Magnolia Day Spa’s wide selection enables you to provide according to your needs in the interest of your colleagues remaining fit and relaxed and being able to continue their daily routines in a perfect condition.

Choose Magnolia Day Spa for your events and meetings! A special place suits for your special partner. The atmosphere of the Magnolia Day Spa makes it an outstanding place for smaller intimate meetings, conferences and press conferences. Board-room table for 20 people, projector and high quality public-address system contribute to your effectiveness. The comfortable furniture in the relaxing area, the Sauna and Spa services, and massages, delicious food and beverages upon request help in your incentive relaxation.

We provide Gift Vouchers for your business partners. Honour your business partners with our special treatments! We help you to choose the appropriate gift. Our Gift Voucher is a really personalised choice, as it is completed the name of the gifted person. Upon your request we will help you develop a personalised pampering gift while leaving the freedom of choice: the recipient can choose the treatment within the indicated limit on the voucher.

We issue our offer in a personalised form to your company! We are at your service!

The enchanting world of Magnolia Day Spa could be a perfect place for friends meetings, birthday parties, hen parties or for any other special occasion.

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Rebirth with Magnolia! Exclusive and therapeutic massages, pampering facial care, refreshing peelings, cozy tea house, jacuzzi and sauna world! Do not miss our special offers either!



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